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Having started her career in fashion after conquering the world of ballroom dancing, Anna Arutyunova, a 15-time champion of Ukraine and medalist of prestigious world championships, opened an atelier in her hometown of Dnipro, Ukraine. She worked with private clients, mainly tailoring outfits for special occasions, before founding AnnaMuza, a ready-to-wear brand that debuted at Ukrainian Fashion Week in early 2017. A year later, the brand received the name ARUTYUNOV, which marked the beginning of a new stage in its history, a change in artistic direction and business strategy.

The ARUTIUNOVA brand attracts the modern woman, who is distinguished by a well-formed individuality, a lively interest in fashion, a penchant for experimentation and a busy life schedule. The combination of traditional tailoring skills, masterly handmade decoration, sporty silhouette and ergonomic cut, while inspired by the art of haute couture and modern sportswear, define the brand's signature style, which emphasizes femininity, freedom of movement and moments of personal victories, challenging the conventions of self-presentation.

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