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KSENIASCHNAIDER was founded in 2011 by spouses Ksenia Schneider and Anton Schneider.


Collections include women's and men's ready-to-wear, upcycled, upcycled, patchwork, denim and accessories.


Ksenia's signature cuts, technique and attention to detail, with an emphasis on tailoring and sustainable use of materials, identify the collections, as does Anton's well-defined design minus design philosophy.


Sustainability formulated the DNA of KSENIASCHNAIDER. The brand's dedication has been evident in countless versatile pieces of clothing perfect for conscious consumption and busy lifestyles over the years.


Designers have proven to be active players in the avant-garde denim niche, creating meme jeans: asymmetric jeans, demi denim, cowboy jeans, denim fur jackets, and more.


KSENIASCHNAIDER operates a flagship store in Kyiv, Ukraine. The collections are spread all over the world.

All collections are made at the brand's own production facility in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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