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The GUDU brand was created in 2015 in Kyiv, in which Lasha Mdinaradze, a Georgian designer, became the creative director.

The brand emphasizes a bright and self-sufficient image that does not require accessories. Lasha Mdinaradze likes to experiment with shape and color, but leaves an impeccable cut. The designer calls his muse "blu-blooded punk" and offers clear and dramatic silhouettes.

"A woman is always in the center of my attention," says Mdinaradze. "I want to create an object to reveal my strength and personality."

Gudu's mission is to emphasize the femininity and brightness of the image with the help of a high-quality cut. The main concept of the brand is to place the woman in the center of attention - to help her feel worthy of applause simply for being herself.

Hood's designs flatter the female body through dramatic, sensual silhouettes that are accompanied by an overall look of a show-stopping aesthetic. Each piece is a sculptural piece of jewelry designed with uncompromising quality. 

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