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NINETEEN is a Ukrainian brand of basic functional clothing that was created during a period of changing values and priorities.
The theme of conscious consumption is closely intertwined with the realities of everyday life, so the concept of a new modern classic [modern classic], as well as the NINETEEN brand, was born in response to a specific request of all those whose elegant   evening dresses had to wait their time in the closets.

Dress stylishly, but feel as comfortable as possible, that's the idea behind every product, every XIX collection.
Despite the clear and basic styles that are easy to fit into everyone's wardrobe, you will be surprised by the fabric that gives you a special feeling from the first touch. The velvet texture of the knitwear makes the suit unlike any other. Attention to details, accessories, embroidery on every element is about love that inspires to create and develop, even in the most difficult times.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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