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MARSALA is a Ukrainian fashion footwear brand founded in 2015.

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the brand of women's shoes MARSALA was forced to rethink itself and moved from elegant women's shoes with high heels to the production of military shoes.
The factory moved from the constantly bombed city of Kharkiv to a safe place. With 40 years of manufacturing experience, we decided to develop footwear for the army. Made in Ukraine during the war.
1,100 pairs of shoes have already been sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and they received positive reviews from the soldiers. 50,000 women volunteered for the army, and they especially suffered from the lack of small-sized shoes.

The new winter style "Tigrolova", named after the symbolic novel of the Ukrainian writer Ivan Bagryany, is characterized by high wear resistance, strength and waterproofness.

The founder and designer of the brand, Maria Maslii, tells about it:
"Two months after the start of the war, I received a message from a Ukrainian woman who invited me for coffee. At that time I was in Amsterdam. She told me her terrible story about a month spent in an occupied city near Kyiv, in a cramped cold shelter with 150 people. When the war first started, we gave all our boots and warm things to the territorial defense. She was one of those who received winter shoes from us. "She walked in them for a whole month, because she had nothing warm anymore. It was my only reminder of normal life. At that moment, I realized that I had to move on."

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